What is flexible working?

Flexible working opportunities are increasing, giving employees flexibility on where, when and what hours they work. It has traditionally been associated with the needs of parents and carers, but increasingly organisations are realising the benefits of providing more flexible options to their employees. Flexible working is now typically categorised into three main types: full-time, part-time and career flexibility, whereas historically … [Read more...]

ProfessionalMums.net is becoming Flexbee

The new year is almost upon us, and with it comes everything new. In talking to a lot of professional mums and businesses, many of you told us you wanted more from your platform. More job opportunities and variety, more thought leadership, profiles and success stories. You also told us you want more coaching, how-to guides, and more voices. Lastly you said you want more connection, knowledge and affinity groups, as well as access to … [Read more...]

5 tips on re-entering the workforce

There are many reasons why women leave the workforce. For many it involves starting (or expanding) a family, taking a break to continue studies or simply a sabbatical to refresh and reset. When the time comes to re-enter the workforce, it can seem daunting applying for roles when you’ve been out of the loop for a period of time. Here are our top tips to help you prepare for the transition back into the workforce. 1. Work on your confidence. … [Read more...]

How to thrive in the gig economy part 3: Strike a balance

If you’ve opted out of the traditional career path and gone out on your own as an independent consultant, no doubt you’ve discovered you’re now the master of your own schedule. You’re fitting in that morning bike ride or workout, you’re back in time for school drop-off and, all the while you are handling clients, hitting deadlines and using your tech toolbox to maximise productivity. Flexible hours and the ability to achieve a healthy … [Read more...]

How to thrive in the gig economy part 2: Tech toolbox essentials

If you’re working as an independent contractor in the gig economy, no doubt you’re already tech savvy. You have the home office or collaborative workspace sorted, you’re signed into your emails and ready to pitch for work. But once the work starts rolling in, you quickly realise you need some additional technology to keep you thriving and your activity, billing, time management and productivity under control. You also realise there's no I.T … [Read more...]

How to thrive in the gig economy part 1: Collaborate, not isolate

Working within the gig economy is becoming increasingly popular, with people moving away from salary-based roles, going out on their own and choosing freelancing as a better option. Gig workers are also in high demand with businesses looking to outsource their work to reduce overheads and top up with experts when they need it. With every business decision, there's an element of risk and taking a leap of faith into the freelance world is no … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a job through ProfessionalMums.net!

We had this lovely comment from a mum that got a job through us recently. Just wanted to share it with you. "One of my school mum friends made a comment to me recently that I had "struck gold" - which upon reflection, I think she is right.  A role that I can shape, make a contribution, located just down the road from where I live and has flexible working hours.  Perfect for my situation right now!" Image from nenetus at … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a flexible job through ProfessionalMums.net!

We love it when we hear from a ProfessionalMum who got a job through our network. This one is from a CA that took a job in North Sydney that has worked out perfectly. Please let us know if this happens to you too! "I am a Chartered Accountant and a mother of four children. Within a couple of months of contacting Professional Mums, I had found exactly what I was looking for! Thanks to Professional Mums, and in particular Nikki Raphaely, who … [Read more...]

I used to think my mother was a feminist…now I’m not so sure

I am at my parents' house in the UK at the moment because of a family illness. I've set myself up a little office in the alcove but spend a lot of time working in the kitchen so that I can help my parents. I'm working as hard as ever although it's a bit disjointed as I don't get 8-hours uninterrupted but I'm managing to get it all done. My parents, whom I love deeply, are driving me crazy though. Partly I think it's just living with your … [Read more...]

What does it take to get women into leadership positions?

I asked myself this question this week after reading this article - it's a story about how Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood (a Male Champion of Change) has appointed ten men and one women in its most recent management restructure to lead the company. Now I have to say that I don't mean to pick on Fairfax, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency women make up just over 25 per cent of key management personnel in companies that report to WGEA. … [Read more...]