Another mum gets a job through!

We had this lovely comment from a mum that got a job through us recently. Just wanted to share it with you. "One of my school mum friends made a comment to me recently that I had "struck gold" - which upon reflection, I think she is right.  A role that I can shape, make a contribution, located just down the road from where I live and has flexible working hours.  Perfect for my situation right now!" Image from nenetus at … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a flexible job through!

We love it when we hear from a ProfessionalMum who got a job through our network. This one is from a CA that took a job in North Sydney that has worked out perfectly. Please let us know if this happens to you too! "I am a Chartered Accountant and a mother of four children. Within a couple of months of contacting Professional Mums, I had found exactly what I was looking for! Thanks to Professional Mums, and in particular Nikki Raphaely, who … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a job through!

As ever, we are always excited when we hear from a mum that found a job through the community. I love this story because she was actually overseas intending to return to Australia when she registered with us. Please get in touch if one of our clients gets in touch with you. “Whilst living overseas, I heard about Professional Mums through a friend. Knowing I was returning to Australia, I was able to actively seek work … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a job through is having a great start to 2017  - we have just found another mum her dream flexible role. Thank you Nikki and the team at ProfessionalMums for all your hard work and professionalism in helping women like myself navigate the world of part-time work. I have just got a fantastic role through ProfessionalMums & it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for always keeping me in the loop regarding my progress and for … [Read more...]

ABL successfully recruits from!

ABL has recently joined the community and we are delighted that it has already found a highly-skilled mum from our community for a flexible role. It's great when organisations like ABL really demonstrate that they can walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. ProfessionalMums—creating a flexible world one job at a time! Thanks to ABL for the testimonial below. "After subscribing to the Professional Mums website, I reviewed … [Read more...]

Another mum finds a job through!

ProfessionalMums just helped a Mum secure their dream role…. "I am a mother of three children and I had a substantial career break after the birth of my third child and a relocation for my husband's work. I was thrilled to discover Professional Mums and the voice that we as professional women are getting through the amazing network they are creating. Through Professional Mums I have secured a flexible part time role as a contract … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a job through!

This is from Veronica Mitchell, a Sydney lawyer who got a role through in June. I am a commercial/corporate lawyer who has over 18 years’ experience in Sydney and London. Having worked very long hours and up to 7 days a week for 8 out of 10 years of my twins’ life I noticed that I didn’t really know very much about them. This made me very sad and I felt a failure. I realised that I couldn’t be a super mum  and succeed in … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a job through!

We are always delighted when a mum gets a job through Here is a testimonial from a mum who started working as a lawyer earlier this month. ‘When I met with Nikki she immediately understood that I was seeking a role in which I could utilise my legal expertise; contribute my skills to a worthwhile organisation; and work flexibly to accommodate the needs of my young family. Nikki was great to deal with and the role she … [Read more...]

What clients are saying about

Professional Mums found the exact candidate we needed to fill the role of Business Analyst at our IT Consulting Company . We were extremely pleased with the level of service from start to finish.  Nikki provided regular communication between myself and the candidates, so we all had a good understanding and awareness of the next steps. There was such a strong commitment to find a Professional Mum and we would definitely use this service … [Read more...]

Another mum gets a job through!

We love to hear when a mum gets a job through This time it's Janelle, a management consultant in Melbourne who joined last year. Janelle has a 2 and a half year daughter and has taken a role as a business analyst working 2-3 days a week. Janelle shared with us a couple of great points about her job search that we think are worth taking notice of. First off, she spent $1000 getting her CV … [Read more...]