Career re-entry – a state of mind?

Returning to your profession after a prolonged gap can be a challenge to both the returning professional and the firm. Not only must ‘returnees’ must adapt to a changed work environment with a less-stable workforce and new technology, the biggest challenge returnees face is how to regain their confidence.  This often comes down to expectations of performance  - and operating at the same level as before.  It is an expectation shared between … [Read more...]

Creating an elastic workplace

Deloitte have issued an insightful report on US human capital trends in 2013, and the conclusion: “…workplace flexibility has grown to become a requirement for organizations that want to make the most of its people’s productivity.” Business leaders who balance their people’s needs with their company’s needs can be a step ahead of the competition in the race for talent.  Finding this balance is what leading companies are doing now.  Consider … [Read more...]

Flexible working: some pros and cons

“Technology is an essential ingredient of flexible working practices - but it can also mean we can feel like we never stop working.” With the growth and ease of use of technology today is it really possible to 'switch off' when you are outside the office? Read Suzie Thoraval’s insightful blog from a working mother’s perspective about the overt and covert pressures that prevent us from doing so.  This blog originally appeared on … [Read more...]

Our site is safe from the Heartbleed bug

Just to reassure all those in our community who use our site. Our web site management company has confirmed that all our sites are non SSL, so we do not have a problem. The Heart Bleed security problem is with users of “Open SSL”, the software that runs SSL servers identified as web addresses with https:// … [Read more...]

“I felt totally disconnected from that accomplished person I used to be”.

The personal blog of a 24/7 mother and doctor, and her journey of coming to terms with expectations and realities.  The best advice I have ever had was from a very wise friend who said “You can have it all, just not at the same time”. … [Read more...]

“The first few weeks back are likely to be bumpy”.

A mum and lawyer in government shares her experiences of coping with office life after having a baby One of the best things that happened to me when I came back to work was a shift in perspective - no crisis at work was really of fundamental importance. My role as a parent trumps anything that is going on at work. … [Read more...]