5 tips on how to get a job after a long career/maternity break

I had a pretty dispiriting meeting with a recruiter recently where I was talking about ProfessionalMums.net and how I'm trying to increase the amount of female talent in the market by finding flexible roles for women. This recruiter said that he would very rarely look at women that had been out of the market for more than two years because there would be a question mark about whether their skills were up-to-date. By the way, I don't think this … [Read more...]

Part-time work allows me to participate in my kids’ lives

Last week, I accompanied my daughter’s prep class on their excursion to the local children’s farm. I loved that I was able to go. You may think supervising 30 five and six year olds at the local children's farm sounds like the day from hell. There was lots of mud. In the animal nursery, the kids kept forgetting to immediately shut the gate resulting in some of the baby animals escaping from their pens and me wildly chasing and catching piglets … [Read more...]

Professional mums need a supportive partner to stay on top of it all

On the weekend, my husband was incapacitated by a terrible flu.  Our lovely plan of spending Sunday exploring the open day at Abortsford Convent went ahead only he stayed home asleep and I took the kids.  I must admit that I drove away mumbling about man flu.  I had felt poorly all the previous week but had soldiered on limping to the finish line on Friday night where I collapsed on the couch depleted and miserable. While our Sunday outing was … [Read more...]

Lots of ‘doing’ but not much ‘being’

Sometimes if feels as though I’ve been in hyperdrive for years.  I’ve always been a ‘busy’ person filling my days with lots of ‘doing’ and not much ‘being’.  Having kids and working in the legal profession has intensified that tendency and made it difficult to find work life balance. I do have an incredible capacity to take on things.  To multi-task and yet stay on top of it all.  But I feel as though my body, mind and soul is screaming out … [Read more...]

Why job redesign is crucial to gender equity

I think workplace flexibility is crucial to enabling women to combine a family and career, but what I think is more important – and less discussed – is job redesign. I’ve just finished reading an excellent piece of research by EY on Women in Leadership where a number of high profile male leaders give their view on diversity and why the current initiatives aren’t working. This is from Dr Martin Parkinson, Secretary to the Department of … [Read more...]

Sheryl Sandberg’s life sounds exhausting but she does have some insights for professional mums

I just finished reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead - her life sounds exhausting but there are some insights for professional mums in the book. Some people loved it.  Some people did not.  Did I like it?  What I liked is that Sandberg had the courage to be part of the conversation. Sandberg points out that because there are so few women leaders that one woman’s choices or opinion can be taken by … [Read more...]

The key to a happy working life

'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.' - Mahatma Gandhi Don't you think this is the key to a happy working life? Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg advises us in her book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead to communicate authentically at work. I agree. Being able to admit we have family responsibilities and contribute to your work life around other commitments without needing to feel like it … [Read more...]

Working mums want interesting work too

I have a job interview tomorrow. It is for a job that I’m really interested in. But it is in a division which promises to be more pressure and more central to the organisation’s core business than my existing role. I’ve heard that they are all young (read as: without family commitments) and the division is quite reactive. I’ve also heard that they don’t have much awareness about family issues for a working parent. But working mums want … [Read more...]

How to be more resilient

‘Surprises are the new normal; resilience is the new skill’ is a great new post by Rosabeth Moss Kanter which gives an elegant guide on how to be more resilient. Kanter is a professor at Harvard Business School, the author of Confidence and a former Editor of the Harvard Business review. Moss Kanter says “the difference between winners and losers is how they handle losing”. This is a key finding from her research on great companies and … [Read more...]

MinterEllisonRuddWatts is a foundation partner of ProfessionalMums New Zealand

We are very excited to announce that MinterEllisonRuddWatts is a foundation partner with ProfessionalMums New Zealand. MinterEllisonRuddWatts is one of New Zealand's leading, full-service law firms with offices in Auckland and Wellington and part of the global Minter Ellison legal group. Our vision is to be the best firm to work with, and in and are always looking for talented, motivated professionals. We value our people, strive for the … [Read more...]