Hello and welcome to ProfessionalMums.net, an employment community for women in professional services where we seek to match up highly-experienced mothers with family-friendly firms.

My name is Kate Mills and I’ve been a journalist for nearly 20 years with my most recent role as editor of BRW. I started my career in legal journalism in London and have followed the changes in the professions ever since. Over that time I’ve seen how hard it is for mothers to remain working in the profession.

Then five years ago I became a mum myself and began to experience first hand some of the hurdles that working mothers face. As a journalist I’ve been deeply involved in the debate about working mothers but with ProfessionalMums what I wanted to do was create a practical solution for working mothers.

Working Mothers

If you are a mum then please contact me or sign up and we will market this unique database of professionals to law, accounting, engineering and management consulting firms. For these firms it’s a way of increasing the number of women they have in work, and for women it’s a way of marketing yourselves as mothers who are committed to work but want that elusive work/life balance.

For firms I encourage you to get in touch with me or participate in this community. Many firms pay a lip-service to the concept of flexibility for working mothers – being part of our community is a way to make your commitment to keeping more mothers in the workplace something that is real.

Please note that at this point our focus is on the professional services of law, accountancy, engineering and management consultancy. If you think that we should expand our services beyond these areas then please get in touch.