Why join is a community for professional mums who want to keep working in the professions. Having kids and keeping a profession going can be a challenge, but today many firms have empathy for that work-life balance that you need. Only those firms that understand these pressures join this community to match their needs for professional skills with your talent and availability. is for mums of all ages – whether your children are in childcare, school or have left home.

So just take a few minutes to build your confidential profile and upload your detailed CV too. You can select which firms see your profile – so you stay in control. You can turn on or off your profile as your circumstances change. But do keep your profile up to date.

And if you are a mum with more than one profession, say a lawyer and management consultant, then our database can deal with that too, ensuring all the right firms see your profile!

When your profile is visible the firms you select will be able to search and read about your expertise and experience. They will contact you directly about their opportunities.

It free too! There is nothing to pay – we earn our fees from subscriptions paid by the firms who join the community.

Benefits of signing up

When you are contacted via our service you can position yourself as a working mum from the beginning, and not have to have a difficult conversation around flexibility once you start a new job
This community is only for professional mums and professional services firms – this makes life much easier for you
You manage your profile and your visibility, you decide when you are available and to which firms you are visible
Access to our newsletter, promotions and the opportunity to join the debate around workplace practices
It’s free!