Jobs For Single Mothers

Best Jobs For Single Mothers Who Are Starting Over

I am sure that it can be quite a task, to start over as a single mother. I know that it can be quite strenuous to get a job when you have a living human being, your child, depending on you. If you are a single mother who is looking for a career, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I have listed out some jobs that you can consider, as a single parent. These jobs will get you in touch with other people who may be in the same boat as you. You can make friends and meet a lot of new people, in these jobs.


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  1. You can be an elementary school teacher. Jobs and education are actually the best jobs for single mothers. You will actually meet a lot of single mothers in this job, because you will be meeting the parents of the children who you will be teaching. It has part-time hours, and you will have the summers off to spend with your child. You can also be a substitute teacher, or you can be a special-skills teacher. I can guarantee that it is a very rewarding experience indeed.
  2. You can consider a career in sales. These positions don’t exactly mean the best jobs for a single mom, but, you will have a lot of benefits to keep in mind. The pay is great, and you will also get some commission. You will get paid more for working hard. You will also be able to meet a lot of people and establish connections.
  3. Have you ever considered a job as a healthcare professional? It happens to be an ideal job for single mothers. You have poured your heart and soul into your child. You know exactly what to do. You can actually use the skills to make some money. You can be a medical assistant, home healthcare assistant, lab technician, and more. This job is actually in demand, and it is well paying. Healthcare jobs have been great for being flexible when it comes to scheduling. It is a job that is not going to take up all of your time.


  1. You can actually be a freelance writer from your home. You can make use of a lot of your skills from your house, if you have a working computer or a laptop. You can dip your toe into careers like graphic designing and web designing. You can also be a content writer, from your home. If you have good computer skills and good vocabulary, all of the above careers will be great options.
  2. You can consider being a nanny. You can make use of all the skills you have learnt, being a mother, to take care of other children as well.


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