The ProfessionalMums.net team

Nikki Raphaely - Recruitment Consultant


I have over 10 years of extensive recruitment experience working in South Africa, London, Melbourne and Sydney, but I had not worked in a professional role since my kids were born. When I felt the time was right to start getting involved in part-time work, I signed up to ProfessionalMums and a few weeks later I got the job with ProfessionalMums as the recruitment consultant. Professional Mums is the perfect fit for me with my background in financial services recruitment as all our clients are professional services firms.

I was so excited to be back in the workforce! I can really relate to our community of mums who are seeking flexible/part-time work, as this is the exact situation that I am in - juggling kids and the desire to engage in flexible work. I believe that Professional Mums is offering a wonderful service for mums wanting to return to work on a flexible basis or mums who are in full time roles and finding it all too much. I love helping these mums find more flexible roles - but still in their careers.