For Firms

ProfessionalMums is a subscription only service that is designed to give employers an efficient and effective means of recruiting professional talent. All employers go through the same experience – losing talented women to motherhood. Keeping a working relationship going after they have left is tough and firms are often not geared up for this. But working routines are changing and most progressive employers are looking at different resourcing models. We provide employers with unlimited access for an annual subscription with no additional placement fees allowing you to access to a very rich pool of hard-to-find talent.  

How does ProfessionalMums attract professional mothers?

We use many techniques to ensure we reach as many mothers qualified in professional services as possible. These include:
  • Online and print advertising
  • Close associations with professional bodies
  • Alumni networks
  • Social media
  • Referral campaigns
  • Sponsoring events
  • Community support
In addition candidates are encouraged to keep their profiles current through offers, competitions and access to a newsletter.